Insecure Temp WiFi Networks

There is a security problem with connecting to free insecure wifi networks. Network connection managers should understand this problem and help reduce the security risk.

Let's Encrypt Root CA Cert

This tutorial shows you how to fetch the Let’s Encrypt root CA cert in a useable x509 PEM form


Hardware Transactional Memory primitives for Go


A BF interpreter, optimizer, and compiler

Easybits Serialization Service

A Protobuf serialization / deserialization stream service for OpenChirp


Community-Driven Low-Power Wireless Connectivity for IoT


A Golang Google protobuf implementation that allows runtime decoding/encoding of new messages.

TI CC2538/CC26xx Serial Bootloader Utility on Linux

Regenerate the Linux desktop shortcuts for Chrome Apps and Extensions.

The LoRaBug

An extremely low power LoRa platform

MASH Android App

Sensor Andrew (MIO) Android App