We are creating a community-driven low-power wireless connectivity solution for IoT.

My Contributions

  • Designed, built, and installed outdoor gateways
  • Created custom Debian packages for gateway software and configuration - ocgw
  • Created gateway system monitoring service - SysMonitor Device
  • Created the Golang framework for Users, Devices, and Services - framework and Example Service
  • Created the LoRaWAN integration service
  • Created data serialization/deserialization services - ByteTranslator Service and Easybits Service
  • Created prototype trigger service - Trigger Service
  • Designed and built ultra low-power LoRaWAN client devices - The LoRaBug
  • Created the hardware abstraction layer and adapted the necessary firmware stacks for the LoRaBug - LoRaBug Software
  • Created serial bootloader tool to flash the LoRaBug over micro USB - ccbootutil

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